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Eugen Schneider
Certified Aviation-Expert&Auditor&Trainer and EASA Part 66-AML Cat.B1/C  ; FAA  Private-Pilot
Robert Koch-Weg Nr.6;  
D-88250 Weingarten; Germany                                                                                                          

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Key skills:                                                                                                                                                                  

  ° JAA/EASA-Certified Aircraft Maintenance Engineer –Licence Nr.:DE.66.71 B1/C                                                           ( LBA and Jar 66/Part 66-B1 certificate since 1985/ 25.2.2000 )

° VdL-SV-Certified and authorized Expert in Aviation by the German Association of Aviation Experts                                NOTE: in the process to be finally certified and authorized as Publicly certified and sworn Expert in Aviation by the    German Chamber of Industry and Commerce

° ex. FAA-Aircraft Maintenance Technician -Licence  No.:002532632-IA              

° FAA-Private Pilot Licence since May 1992; No.:2471195

  US-FCC - Radiotelephone Operator Permit; Medical Certification 3 Class  (PPL)

° Ro.-Romanian Aviation Academy- Technical Instructor (Formator)

° Qualified QS-Auditor acc. DIN/ISO 19011


1. Highschool Jimbolia, Romania  with “Baccalaureat-Diploma”: 15.Sept.1969-15.June 1973

2. Aviation Technician Academy-Mediasch, Romania with Aviation Maint. Technician-Diploma:   15.Aug.1973-15.July 1976

3. Dornier Technical Training-Munich-Germering with German Auth.LBA-recognized Aviation Maint. Engineer-Licence # 3439/2

4. Flight Safety Wichita, KS  for Cessna 500-Series Typerating ( CJ 1 & 2; C 550/550 Bravo )

5. Pratt & Withney Technical Training Montreal, Canada for PW 535A; PW 120; ECTM

6. British Airways Engineering-Technical Training-London, England for Boeing 757

7. Swissair Technics-Technical Training Zurich, CH  for Airbus 319/320/321 ( CFM56 )

8. Eurowings-Technical Training-Dortmund,Germany for ATR 42/72-Typerating

9. Lufthansa Technical Training-Frankfurt, Germany  Airbus 319/320/321(CFM56 & V2500)

10. Lufthansa Technical Training-Frankfurt, Germany for Boeing 737NG

11. Pilatus Aircraft-Techn.Training, Switzerland for Pilatus PC-12

12. Flight Safety-Cessna Learning Center Wichita-USA for Cessna 560 Excel /XLS

13. Pratt&Whitney Canada-Training Center Ludwigsfelde-Germany for PW 500 Series


1-US.American Flyers Adventures-Tampa, FL. : Private Pilot Licecnce (1992)

2-US. Federal Exams Oklahoma-City, OK,USA : „A&P-Licence ( 1995)

3-US. Bakers School of Aeronautics-Nashville, TN,USA: „A&P-Licence-Insp.Auth.( 2000)



 1.     ST.”focos” Transerzentrum  Karlsruhe-University/DE: „Expert” in Aviation (03.10.2011)                                                     focos Steinbeis Transfercenter at the University Karlsruhe/Germany Attended: 04.2011 to Year Graduated: 03.10.2011

      Degree: “Certified Aviation Expert” (Dipl.Luftfahrtsachverständiger)

2.  RAA- Romanian      Aviation Academy, Bucharest/Ro.:      Aviation Techn.Trainer (15.6.2012)                                                 -  Romanian Aviation Academy  Bucharest/Romania       Attended: 23.05.2012 to Year Graduated: 25.05.2012;                      

     Degree: Aviation Technical-Instructor         

Eligibility from the FAA-NBA=National Examiner Board since Febr.2003 as DAR-T                                                                                           (Designated Airworthiness Representative for  Maintenance).                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Certificate of Training “Silver Award” issued 22. May 1997 by US-DOT  FAA 

Work experience:                                                                                                                                       Aviation activity in my native country-Romania:

1.Romanian Utility Aviation Department-West : Timisoara

-Aircraft Mech. and Flight-Eng. „Antonow 2” with more than 240 Flight-Hours (1.8.1976-31.10.1979)

 Aviation activity in Germany:   

1. Employer: Dornier –Seastar in München-Oberpfaffenhofen

     Job Title.: -Aircraft Mechanic: manufacturing of the Prototype SEASTAR ;      From: 1-31.3.1985

2. Employer: Dornier Reparaturwerft in München-Oberpfaffenhofen
    Job Title:-Aircraft Mechanic& Engineer:Maintenance on Business-jets &Turboprops;   From: 1.4.-15.8.1985

3. Employer: MTU Friedrichshafen
   Job Title.: - Quality Control Dept.::QA on Electronic parts ; From: 1.10.85-30.11.1987

4. Employer: Delta Air Friedrichshafen
   Job Title.: - Aircraft Mechanic& Engineer::Line-Maint. on Saab 340´s;  From: 1.12.87-15.8.1988

5. Employer:Kuri-Flugdienst in Friedrichshafen-Airport                                                                                                                                             Job Title.:-Technical Dir. & Av. Maint.Technician: Line Maint.: Cessna-500& 414A;   From: 1.10.88-15.4.1998

6. Own business: Schneider Airservice; JAR/EASA Part 145 certif. Rep. Station in FDH;  From: 15.4.1998- to  17.12.2015

7. Employer: TLA-Trade links Aviation, Kuwait/ME: Chief Eng.-Pilatus PC12;  From: 1.3.-31.12.2006

8. Employer: Jet Alliance-Vienna, Austria: Maint. Superv.-Cessna Twins&Jets;  From:1.1.-30.6.2007

Freelance:  Haitec in Hahn/Germany: LM on “Ryanair” Boeing 737-800;   From: 14.4.-11.5.2008

 Activity as FAA-AMT/IA : around Europe in the GA/BA business until 23.April 2015

Schneider Airservice in Friedrichshafen-Airport & Blumberg-Airfield ( my own company! )

-From 15. May 1998:Approval as Jar-145 Repair Station # °Jaa*LBA.0320 with ratings:                                                                       -.Line&Base Maint. for: Piper PA 34-220/-220T; PA 44-180/180T; Cessna 525/525A; Cessna 550 / 550-Bravo; ATR 42/72;            -.Repair & Overhaul for: Ni-Cd.-Batteries; Life-vests; Acrylics Windows & Windshields

-From 15.August 2004: Approval as EASA-Part 145 Repair Station # °DE.145.0320

-From 28 April 2010: Approval as EASA-Part MG # °DE.MG.0320

-From 23.May 2014: Approval as EASA-Part MG-National # °LBA.MG.0320

-From 30.March 2015 to 17.12.2015: Approval as EASA-Part MG- °DE.MG.0320  &°LBA.MG.0320

 Authorized Help-Station and Line Maintenance Station activity:

1. Agreement with  -Germania: B737 classic& 700 Series- Ops. ex FDH 1.5.-31.10.95;

2. Agreement with  Condor Berlin“ for „on-call“-assistance A320 (CFM56); Ops ex FDH from 14.9.98 &activity since Juli 2000-2001.

3. „Line-Maint.“-Station „Britannia GmbH“ on  B767-300-Ops : 4.11.1999 to 31.10.2000.

4. „Line-Maintenance“-Station of „Eurowings Luftverkehrs AG“ on ATR42/72-LM&BM; Ops from April 2001 to 31.10.2003            Note: Typerating B1on ATR 42/72 Series and  Jar-145 Typerating from Oct. 2003 to  12.5.2004.

5. „On-call”-assistance for„Aero-Lloyd“since 30.3.01 on  A320/321(V2500)-Ops ex FDH

 6. Line Maintenance Station for “Hamburg International”: Febr. to Dec.05 on B737-700-  Line Maintenance: Ops ex FDH


Activites under my  JAA / EASA Part 66-Cat.B1/C in acc. with „SGHA“´s- agreements:

-Air Europa:B737 classic-Ops.ex FDH  from  Dec.98 to Summer 2000; -Sun Express: B737-classic + NG since Spring 2000; -Tunisair:B737 classic ex FDH  since Spring 2000; -Condor-Cargo Technik: B757-200/300 ex FDH  since Spring 2000; -Lufthansa CityLine: Avro RJ85 & CRJ -100/200/700-Series ex FDH:  May 1998 until 2009; -ContactAir: Fokker 5o ex FDH  since November 2002; -Crossair/Swiss: Saab 340/2000; ERJ145 ex FDH  since June2002; Work on  C+D-Checks on Dash 8-300: of „Rheintalflug“ in FDH .